Packing for a 113-day cruise

2018 HAL World Cruise

It does take some planning to forecast cruising needs.

The cruise line informs us of the planned formal nights and special themed events to facilitate our wardrobe selection.  On this cruise, we have 14 formal nights and 21 themed events.  We will take something appropriate for the black & gold ball; the Polynesian party on the Lido deck; Mardi Gras; and so on.  We’ll be posting photos—you can count on it!

A portable clothes rack facilitates packing.A portable clothes rack facilitates packing.

It’s the little things that cause headaches.It's the little stuff that causes headaches.

Long ago, we noted how much product we used on a daily/weekly/monthly basis, so we could take only the amount of toothpaste, shampoo, etc. we would need.   This necessitated the creation of a check-list.  The check-list is our “travel-bible” and we use it during pre-cruise shopping.   We KNOW how much dental floss we use in a week!  Because storage is always a problem in a cabin that averages anywhere from 150-300 square feet, we take 12”x12”x101/2” boxes (packed with supplies) that will stack and then break down as we use up the contents.  So, OK, we can hear you laughing and cracking jokes, but it does make organization & preparation easier!

We each travel with 3 pieces of luggage:  large suitcase, garment bag and rollaboard.  These will stack inside each other and stow under the bed.3 pieces of luggage will stack into one and roll under the bed.

We also travel with an over-the-door shoe rack that hangs on the bathroom door and holds all sorts of “can’t live without” things in its 20 compartments.  This is a really, really great organizer!  As are the folding cloth cubes we take for shoe and sweater/t-shirt storage.Handy-dandy over door storage.

We rent a mini van to drive and then drop-off at the port.  We have another reserved for our return.

By the time we get everything into the cabin and stashed, we NEED a vacation!



We’ll be on our way in just a few days!Almost ready to go!

We look forward to sharing this adventure with you!

2 thoughts on “Packing for a 113-day cruise”

    1. Oh, yes. Been there/done that. We once spent a week looking for hairspray in the Med. That adventure was the inspiration for tracking our use-rate of “depletable” items. But isn’t it fun to explore in overseas grocery stores?!? We always come home with some fun stuff!


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