Stuck at Home, But…..


Saturday, April 25, 2020

A New Reality


So, here we are:  locked down in Florida.  It is 80 degrees outside.  But this morning, our memories take us back to the 1980s when we lived in Germany.  We are recalling the wonderful Christmas Markets in every town square.  We are thinking of the snow and cold and that delicious hot mulled wine called Gluhwein.  We are thinking of bratwurst and mustard, hot salted pretzels, and Lebkuchen!

This reverie is the result of breakfast biscotti.

Our Friendly Neighborhood Baker delivered a new batch of homemade treats!  They are called Ginger Creams, but they taste like Lebkuchen!!!  From the first bite, we were transported to another time in another land far, far away.  Ahh, the power of nostalgia.

Ginger Cream biscotti
Ginger Cream biscotti


I wonder when we will be able to travel again.  We are so ready to board a ship or  airplane or train.  Even a car trip would be satisfying!  How amazing that our Friendly Neighborhood Baker has the power to remind us of the wonders of this world!!!