Looking for Sloths in Trees, Puerto Limon, Costa Rica

2023 HAL World Cruise

Saturday, January 7, 2023

The Puerto Limon dock is only steps away from town where the most prominent attraction is Parque Vargas along the waterfront.  This is where everyone goes to see the sloths hanging in the trees. 

And yes, of course we went to see the sloths!!! 

We took a few photos from the ship before going into town. You can see how close the dock is to town.
We took this photo because the MS Volendam was in dock with us. We thought it would make a nice picture, seeing the two ships side by side.
The first thing you see in Puerto Limon is the souvenir stand!!! One must go thru the facility to get into town.
But hey!!! They sell everything you want to buy!!! No one gets through here without finding something they just can’t live without!!!
We were in Puerto Limon on a Saturday. Must be market day as there seemed to be many vendors around the park selling their wares.
But the main activity is looking for the sloths. You won’t find any in this tree. what we found here were two owls having as much fun watching us as we had seeing them!!!
Aren’t they pretty!!!
And then we went on to find the sloths. They are hard to see in the branches. From below, they often look like a gnarl of wood.
Ah but, the park has more to offer–statuary…..
…..statuary with history…..
……a gazebo for entertainment…..
…..and then food and drink just across the street.
There are several outdoor eateries.
And a few pushcarts with coconut drinks.
In the past, we have walked over the the Park Hotel for lunch or a drink.
Nothing fancy, but the beer was always good!!!
However, this time, we elected to visit Maestro’s, a wine & grill restaurant.
Turns out Maestro’s is a wine bar/tasting room for Emiliana Wines.
Nice restaurant.
Nice bar.
Nice tasting room.
And only a short walk back to the ship.
The day is over. We will sail away at 4:30pm.
But there is always time to linger in that well-placed souvenir market!!!
Boarding is quick.
And then we’re off!!!

Next, we’ll show you the Panama Canal transit

and Fuerte Amador, Panama!!!

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