A Visit to Falmouth, Jamaica

2023 HAL world Cruise

Thursday, January 5, 2023

Now, we have been to Jamaica several times.  But, we have never, ever been to Falmouth!  We were looking forward to the exploration.  

And exploring Falmouth is easy.  The Historic Falmouth Cruise Port was built in 2011 alongside the docking pier.  It appears to have been well-planned with restaurants, shopping, a craft market, artisans plying their trade, and buildings designed to reflect the Georgian architecture of Jamaica.  And after strolling thru the port area, you easily transit into the town itself. 

But hey, these are post-Covid times, and there was evidence of economic decline.  The major restaurants like Margaritaville and Scotchies were closed and deserted.  No signs of any future occupancy in evidence.  So that left a big hole in dining options.  Only food stands with picnic table-seating were in evidence.  Sadly, we chose to go back to the ship for lunch and the afternoon libation.   

Here are some photos:

It’s an easy walk from the ship to the cruise port.
The architecture here reflects the Georgian influence evident throughout Jamaica.
You’ll notice how close the ships are to the action. You can see them towering over the area!!!
We were in port along with the Caribbean Princess. She dominates the skyline.
The Zuiderdam is smaller, but makes it’s presence known none-the-less.
The entry is charming.
It’s an easy stroll through the complex.
Shopping for baskets.
This gentleman creates his baskets while you watch.
And music plays while you stroll.
And of course, diners enjoyed the music!!!
The craft market is at the end of the comples and leads to downtown Falmouth.
Here is an overview of he cruise port.
And this is a view of both Margaritaville (on the left) and Scotchies (on the right) closed and boarded-up. Such a shame. They both occupied charming spaces. It loooked quite nice and we are very sorry they couldn’t stay open.
From the ship, we could see downtown Falmouth.
The buildings are charming.
It’s a nice town.

Our next stop is Puerto Limon, Costa Rica.

We’ll be searching for sloths in trees!!!

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