The Story of a Road Trip

Sunday, July 5, 2020

A New Reality

Last month, feeling the need to take a trip, any trip, anywhere, anyplace not at home, we made plans for a ROAD TRIP!!!  Our destination was not ambitious:  several Florida cities, beaches, museums, and a visit to the Barrancas National Cemetery in Pensacola.

We made reservations at Marriott Residence Inns because they are all-suite hotels with full kitchens in every unit.  We know how to travel safely.  We have misting disinfectant; Clorox wipes; sturdy masks & gloves; and a UV box and light wand to keep our stuff virus free.  We know how to safely pump gas, social distance, and make contactless purchases.  This was going to be a few weeks of fun!!!

We dusted off the luggage!!!

The luggage, patiently waiting for the next adventure.
In the garage, the luggage patiently waits for the next adventure.
We imagined the bags would be happy to hit the road again!!!
We imagined the bags would be happy to hit the road again!!!

And then…….

Memorial Day weekend brought a lot of people out to celebrate summer—especially on the Florida beaches; Elon Musk launched the first manned space mission in nearly a decade from The Kennedy Space Center; protests erupted in cities large and small all over the world; and Florida went into phase 2 of re-opening the economy.   The positive Covid19 cases spiked.

And so…….

Beaches closed; museums closed; new mandates were issued for restaurants and bars.

We cancelled the Road Trip.

We told the luggage no vacation this month.
We told the luggage no vacation this month.
They just fell apart.
They just fell apart.
Now, we're dealing with emotional baggage!!!
Now, we’re dealing with EMOTIONAL BAGGAGE!!!


It’s always something!!!

8 thoughts on “The Story of a Road Trip”

  1. Cape Cod is open and a lot of fun! Very crowded and a lot of traffic but if traffic doesn’t bother you come on down!
    You’re going to have a great time!


  2. Well hell, this is a fine mess we find ourselves in. Who would have thought!! Glad you guys are OK and hanging. We are too. Keep staying safe, use the masks, and wait for the vaccine . We may make it to eighty yet. Hope to see you guys sometime in the future . And we look forward to your next planet exploration. Robert and Karen


    1. It’s a bummer! Our next big trip will probably be a visit to the hair stylist! Rog has developed a cringe reaction when he sees scissors in my hands!!! How do you get a haircut while wearing a mask????


  3. A great blog! After the airlines destroyed my luggage on our last cruise in November I purchased a brand new set on Black Friday. Now…they are still unused and pristine. I am actually looking forward to the day when this luggage will be come scuffed and dirty because that means we are traveling once again!


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