So Very Ready for the Christmas Holiday Season

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

A New Reality

Whew!!!  Ever since the last bite of Thanksgiving turkey,

it’s been a whirlwind of activity!!!  I’m pretty sure everyone on this planet is getting ready for the joy of the Holy holiday season!!!  And they all started before us.  Did you beat us to all the clever, eye-catching wrapping paper???  Who was it that already purchased those handy-dandy storage bins we’re all going to need after the holidays so we can stash those new decorations we have acquired thanks to Amazon Prime!!!

On Black Friday, we started with the Christmas Tree…..

Since retiring and downsizing, we now have many ornaments and themes to chose from. This year, we decided to use the older, hand-me-down ornaments to adorn the tree. Nostalgia seems so appropriate this year!!!
The angel topper is special to us. We do not know when she was first acquired–she has simply been a part of Sandy’s Christmas forever!!!!
The same can be said for the nativity and village that Roger remembers from his childhood.
But then, there’s the animated dichotomy recently added……well, because aviation has been our life!!! This topper was purchased a couple of years ago at the Wings Over the Rockies Aviation Museum near Denver, Colorado.
Rog’s Dad passed away at the age of 98. We treasure a small collection of his ornaments that now grace our tree!!!

Upon finishing the Christmas Tree, we turned our attention to the outdoors…..

After putting up the tree, we moved outside and added some extra lighting.
Don’t you just love the glow of mini lights!!!
Lights are always so welcoming.

Now we’ll look for fun stuff to scatter around the house…..


While we get serious about sending out the Christmas Cards!!!

The first of the Christmas cards began arriving at Thanksgiving!!! We are so thankful for such wonderful and efficient family and friends!!!

We fully intend to spend many, many upcoming weeks reveling in the joy of Christmas; enjoying the love and friendship of family and friends; sending and receiving thoughtful gifts; and sitting on the floor before the tree……

Eating candy out of our socks!!!!