Guess What!!!  Today is World Giraffe Day!!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Don’t feel bad if you didn’t know.

The World Giraffe Day was established in 2014 by the Giraffe Conservation Foundation to raise awareness and promote protection of these beautiful creatures.  Wildlife conservationists had observed that the number of giraffes were gradually decreasing.   Loss of native habitat, poaching, and an increase in human settlements are to blame.  The date was chosen because it is the longest day of the year.  And, hey, the giraffe, very tall, possesses the longest neck in the animal world!!!  It is so very appropriate!!!

What is the point of World Giraffe Day? 

Every year, since 2014, June 21st has been a day for fund-raising.  The first year raised money for Namibian giraffes; in 2015, a campaign to save the endangered Rothschild’s giraffe; 2016 promoted a photo competition about giraffe conservation.  And in 2017, funds were raised for the Masai Giraffe in Southern Kenya and Tanzania to receive solar GPS collars for remote tracking. 

You get the idea!!!    

Every year, at the 21st of June, funds are raised for the preservation and conservation of giraffes.  If you have the opportunity, perhaps today you could visit your local zoo and visit with one of these magnificent creatures.  They are very social and seem to like we mere, short, humans!!!

So why are we writing about giraffes??? 

Because we remember the days of Toys R Us and the adorable mascot Geoffrey.  We remember our African Safari to the Kruger National Park.  We remember our visits to the Brevard Zoo in Brevard County, Florida.  We apparently have an affection for giraffes!!!

Here are some photos:

Our affection for giraffes may have begun with the Toys R Us mascot, Geoffrey. (Windyshadow32, CCA-share alike 4.0 International)
Yeah, he was cute. (Tyler de Noche CCA-share alike 3.0 unported)
But in 2018, we had the the opportunity to experience the real thing when we visited Kruger National Park in South Africa. The safari was amazing and we loved the giraffes!!!
We started in Maputo, Mozambique.
Our arrival in Maputo was foggy.
But it cleared before we boarded the bus for our journey to the Lion Sands Narina Lodge for an adventurous safari.
We never did see much of Maputo. But we’ll be back there next year and do a better job of sightseeing!!!
The Railroad Station in Maputo looked charming.
But no, we took a 22-passenger bus to Lion Sands!!!
And that provided an opportunity to do a little sightseeing. We saw the lovely…..
…..and the not so nice.
And then, outside of town—Giraffes!!!
We were lucky to see several giraffes along the way!
But the very best giraffe experience was enjoyed at the Brevard Zoo in Florida in 2020. YOU CAN FEED THEM BY HAND!!!
Don’t they just make you smile!!!!

Have a most enjoyable World Giraffe Day!!!