The Pleasures of Half Moon Cay!!!

2023 HAL World Cruise

Tuesday, January 2, 2023

Half Moon Cay is also known as Little San Salvador Island.  It is one of about 700 islands that make up the archipelago of the Bahamas.  The island, purchased in 1997, is owned wholly by Holland America Line.  Of the island’s 2,400 acres, HAL has developed 45 acres for fun and frolic.  Hal aims to protect as much habitat as possible for wildlife.  The island is a significant nesting area for waterfowl. 

Now, your Roving Raconteurs have been to Half Moon Cay many times.  So this time, we chose to stay on board and enjoy the amenities of the MS Zuiderdam instead. 

But there is a lot to enjoy at Half Moon Cay and we have the photos to show you:

Ships anchor at Half Moon Cay and a very large tender comes to the ship to transpor passengers to the island.
Tendering is quick and efficient.
This is the tender–told you it was large!!! The dock on Half Moon Cay is right in the middle everything.
“Welcome” to Half Moon Cay!!!
The day begins.
The village area welcomes.
Of course, there is shopping!!!
And there are hiking trails.
But the highlight is the beach!!!
This is where all the toys come into play and where all the people come to frolic!!!
There is a private beach where you can rent cabanas for the day.
The cabana interior is well stocked with drinks and snacks.
The beach is inviting.
Lovely, isn’t it???
Here you can see the tender bringing more passengers to the island.
And a rainbow too!!!
Says It all, doesn’t it???
This is a photo taken from the ship today. (Remember, we sayed on board today—those previous photos were taken over several prior years.)
This is quite a large complex.
Holland American Lines owns this complex. They’ve created a fun spot filled with activities like jet-skiing, parasailing, glass-bottom boats and nature walks besides the typical sunning, swimming, and scuba diving.
So OK, yeah, this is how we really spent the day. Hey, staying on board can be fun, too!!!

Next, we’ll show you the charms of Falmouth, Jamaica