Amber Cove, Dominican Republic

Saturday, December 31, 2022

2023 HAL World Cruise

The Amber Cove Cruise Center was built in 2015. The facility will accommodate 8,000 cruise passengers and 2,000 crew members daily. 

Amber Cove is located on the Bay of Maimon near Puerto Plata on the Northeast Coast.  The architecture is based on the country’s colonial roots and houses an assortment of shops, restaurants, and bars.  There is a large, charming swimming pool and the over-water-cabanas look just like the South Pacific resorts we all love. 

Now it is important to remember that the Dominican Republic shares the Island of Hispaniola with the country of Haiti.  Hispaniola is one of only two Caribbean Islands with the distinction of 2 countries sharing the geography (Saint Martin is the other.)  First populated by the Taino people around 10,000BC, it was in 1492 that Christopher Columbus (on his first voyage of discovery) became the very first European to step foot on the island (then known as Quisqueya and named La Hispaniola by Columbus, himself), thus initiating the ultimate Spanish conquest of both the Caribbean and eventually the southern American mainland.

Is that enough history for now???  

If you’d like to know more, search the archives above or Google Dominican Republic.  But perhaps for now, a few photos of the port will be more entertaining.  Here’s a look:

The architecture of Amber Cove is meant to reflect the history of the area.
Isn’t this a charming site as you enter the cove???
The architecture is also effective in creating a mood of days gone by.
Ah but, the cabanas reminded us of French Polynesia!!!
Pedicabs were available at the gangway. For “whatever you’d like to tip” (we gave him $5.00 each way.) It’s not really that long a walk, but hey, a pedicab is fun!!!
The breeze is refreshing and the view aint too shabby!!!!
We found Christmas was still being celebrated. Nice!!!
Christmas in Amber Cove, Dominican Republic.
We really do like Christmas decorations even if we were Grinches this year. (A really big “so sorry” shout out to all our neighbors back home!!!)
The waterfall seen on our return to the ship.
We enjoyed our time in Amber Cove.
But it’s always nice to return “home”!!!

Next, we will spend a day at sea preparing for the transfer from 5-day party ship to 128 days of World Exploration.  Don’t be surprised if our itinerary should change.  We are reading of unrest in areas along our route, so we are girding ourselves for some changes.

The next post, inspired by a comment from Sue on our last blog post, will be entitled: “Where Does the Stuff Go?”  We’ll show you!!!