Our First Visit to Takoradi, Ghana

2023 HAL World Cruise

Saturday, March 25, 2023

Actually, Takoradi and its twin sister, Sekondi, have each grown so large they are now one combined city and known as Sekondi-Takoradi.  This is the area where the Dutch Fort Orange and English Fort Sekondi were built in 1642 and 1682 respectively.  Takoradi is also where Ghana’s first deepwater seaport was built in 1928.  Today, the primary job in the area is fishing.  Recently, oil was discovered in the area and Sekondi-Takoradi is rapidly becoming known as the Oil City.  This is not only our first visit to Takoradi, but to Ghana itself.  So, we decided to take a tour and get an overview of the area.

Here are some photos:

We arrived in Takoradi to find the locals setting up a market on our dock.
And the tour buses were lined up and ready to transport us to our adventures.
Our first stop was the Bisa Aberwa Museum. This was created to be one of the largest sculptural representations (in clay, wood, cement, paintings and photographs) of personalities deemed important to the African struggle.
The main room of the museum (which we were asked not to photograph) contained busts, photos, and sculptures of famous people from Abraham Lincoln to Michelle Obama…..
…..as well as historic representations of the local heroes.
Departing the museum, we headed for Fort Orange and the Naval Station.
Fort Orange was built by the Dutch in 1642. It is well positioned on the harbor. We, however, were not allowed to take photos of anything related to the Navel Station. Not an unusual requirement in many, many places. Anyway, can’t show any of that!!
Fort Orange was originally built as lodging and later became a trading post before, finally, becoming a fort meant for protection. It was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979.
We toured a couple of rooms with our guide and then moved on to the Fishing Harbor.
Next, we visited the Albert Bosomtwi Sam Fishing Harbor Fish Market.
Everyone had a job to do and they were busy doing it!!!
The activity was fascinating. And there were lots of fish.
Everywhere we went, there were fish…..
…..so many, many fish!!! The aroma was strong and pervasive.
Our next and final stop was the Vienna City beach complex.
It’s an attractive area with water, sand, food and drink. They have it all.
We enjoyed the local brew–Club. It came in a 625ml bottle for USD2.00. That’s a deal!!!
Ghana is not known for its beaches. Tourists do not flock here. Don’t know why. We enjoyed the view and the brew and then boarded the bus for our return to the ship.
On the way, we passed a local area market…..
…..a tribute to the fishing industry…..
And lucky us, the market on the dock was still in full swing. What’s a tourist to do? We went shopping!!!

Next, we visit another new port:  Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

Join us, soon, for another adventure!!!

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