Where Does All the Stuff Go?

2023 HAL World Cruise

Sunday, January 1, 2023

After the last post, we were asked where we stashed 14 boxes worth of stuff in a small cruise ship cabin.  It can be a challenge; but there are lots of helpful hints and products to make the process more efficient. 

Let’s take a look!!!

Our cabin is comfortable and well appointed. Everything was so neat and tidy when we arrived. And then we set out to mess it all up!!!
We made a few changes. Notice the hanging cubes between the bed and the window. We used 50lb magnetic hooks at the ceiling to hang this extra storage. This is where we store hats, bags, and the cold weather clothing we’ll need later in the cruise.
For now the items remain in their packing cubes. But when unpacked, they’ll stack nicely on the shelves for easy viewing and selection.
There are 2 bedside tables with one drawer and 2 open shelves each. You may have noticed, Roger attached a couple of command strip hooks for hanging hats and stuff.
Several cruises ago, Roger created the “tower of power” to simplify charging our growing array of devices.
It sits compactly on the desk and is easy to move for cleaning.
Holland America, very helpfully, provided a ledge at the desk window.
Left of the desk is the beverage station with a shelf and 2 drawers next to the minifridge,. There are narrow shelves above for odds and ends. The cubes on the floor hold the snacks that will last us for the remaining 128 days!!!
We had these items removed and replaced them with our own wine and water that we had pre-ordered from HAL prior to the cruise.
That cabinet next to the sofa ia a very useful piece!!!
This is where we can stash ALL the toiletries we’ll be using for the next four and a half months!!!
Years ago, we learned of the “shoe rack trick”. You hang this on the bathroom door and it holds all of those odds and ends that are nice to have quickly and easily at hand.
There is one drawer and 2 shelves under the bathroom sinks.
The standard grooming area doubles as a desk and comes with 6 drawers. We hung these handy jewelry racks from the ceiling with another set of magnetic hooks. This makes it easy to see and grab whichever piece is wanted. Notice there are 3 closets.
Each closet is 24″ wide. Notice the hangers are “slim.” We brought them ourselves but have learned that cruise lines are now providing them. You can have the clunky wooden hangers removed.
We use cubes for shoe storage.
There are drawers under the bed for additional storage!!!
And we use cubes for magazine, book, and port-info papers.
Once everything was put away, we took a break!!!
And talked about the adventures to come!!!

We hope you will join us on the journey!!!

Our next port is Falmouth, Jamaica

4 thoughts on “Where Does All the Stuff Go?”

  1. Looking good! I am impressed by how neat your stateroom is. Some clever storage is available and you have used it well. I have picked up some tips here and appreciate all the photos which represent a great primer on “how to organize”.


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