Alright, alright, alright!!! Cruising the world again!!!

Wednesday, November 9,2022

In only 50 short days,

Your RovingRaconteurs will begin a series of cruises that will span the world!  We will begin by celebrating the New Year in the Caribbean.  Then, after transiting the Panama Canal, we will visit French Polynesia, New Zealand, and Australia, continuing to Mauritius, Reunion, Madagascar, and Mozambique.  Our African exploration will be extensive, traveling up the western coast as we make our way to Europe—Spain, France, Belgium, on to Denmark, The Netherlands, and Norway; continuing to Scotland, Ireland, and the UK; visiting the Azores and returning to the Bahamas before disembarking in Ft. Lauderdale in the middle of May.  We will spend 133 days aboard Holland America’s MS Zuiderdam!!! 

Oh my, oh my, we can hardly wait!!! 

We will close out 2022 in the Caribbean and start 2023 on the sea with grand horizons ahead!!!

As 2023 dawns, Holland America’s MS Zuiderdam will transport us across the globe!!!

Oh, but that’s not all!!!

By the middle of June, we will embark on the MS Zuiderdam again, for a 41-day Holland America Cruise to explore the Viking Passage.

Can there be anything better than spending the summer aboard Holland America’s Zuiderdam cruising to the arctic or following the Viking’s?!?

And then…..

…..come January 2024, we board the MS Volendam for an extensive 94-day Grand Australia and New Zealand Voyage.  What an exciting year this will be!!!

As 2023 closes, we will fly to San Diego. 2024 will begin aboard Holland America’s MS Volendam with a 94-day Grand Australia & New Zealand Voyage.

Oh, the joy of it all!!!

Please join us on these adventures.

We have waited so long!!!

And It will be so much fun!!!

7 thoughts on “Alright, alright, alright!!! Cruising the world again!!!”

  1. OMG!!

    Can’t wait for the adventures to start and get all the updates and pictures!!

    Have a fantastic time!! Stay well and safe!!


    1. Thank you!!! This upcoming adventure will be especially satisfying as we are just recovering from a “no longer feared but always anticipated” bout of Covid!!! Rog and I tested positive yesterday morning. Our symptoms are mild. Our doctor was sympathetic but not terribly concerned. He’s a great guy and we loved his advice: NyQuill, DayQuill, Chicken Soup and Netflix!!! We will adjourn to the Barco, snack, and binge!!! No matter how you look at it, life is good!!!


      1. Glad you are recovering and will be good to go by the end of November to enjoy all the planned cruises!


    1. We have done 2 small Caribbean cruises in 2022 just to experience the feel of cruising again. But to get back out on the seas for some long cruises is so very enticing!!! We are quite excited!!!


  2. Wow! This is GREAT news 🙂 The best itineraries I have seen : you really kow how to cruise! Will look forward to reading every post. For now, onto the planning and packing for you. I would love to read how you plan for these, what to take, what not, how you plan your ports days……


    1. Oh, so glad you raised the issue, Patricia!!! YES, we will share thoughts, hints, plans, and sources as the cruises approach. It does, in fact, take some major planning to be sure all needs are covered. But it is just as possible to simply stumble into it all and still have everything turn out well!!! Just depends on personality. We’ll touch on some of that in the next 50 days!!!!


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