Using Postcards for Wall Art

Saturday, September 10, 2022

Nearly two years ago (October 20, 2020, to be exact) we published a post entitled “Postcards from the Past.”  It was our tribute to those wonderful little bits of cardboard that cross the world, daily, to notify friends and relatives of the adventures so many of us want to share!!!  In that post, we confessed our penchant for framing postcards as visual memories to hang on the walls.

So why are we mentioning that now???

Well, that’s a short story:

Having just completed a bathroom redo, we wanted to fill the new area with color, pattern, and texture on the walls.  But, hey, it’s a bathroom!!!  Moisture is a concern.  It would be a shame to damage fine art.  Therefore!!!  We, most naturally, decided to use some of the wonderful postcards we had collected to accomplish that goal.  We think it came out pretty well and would like to share our low-cost and memory-jogging décor with you. 


About 3 months ago, the old bathroom was demolished.
The footprint would remain the same, but the, lighting, cabinets, and fixtures would all be changed.
The floor and walls would get an update.
‘Twas a big, messy deal!!!
We’re happy with the results. And we had a lot of fun choosing, framing, and hanging the colorful postcards and notecards that now evoke fun-filled memories every single day! And isn’t that just what postcards should do?!?
This grouping represents Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, New Caledonia, and Nova Scotia, Canada.
This grouping of assorted sailing vessels contains creations by Chanelle Jefferson of Nova Scotia (#1 & #2} and Jeliane of New Caledonia (#3).
This particular grouping of diverse modes of travel in the 1920s-1940s was acquired in Sydney, Australia while we were enjoying a lovely afternoon at The Rocks where the restaurants, pubs and shops are quite nice.
These postcards hail from New Zealand. Picton was named one of the best place to visit by Trip Advisor earlier this year. We’ve only been there once, and we enjoyed the day; but perhaps the Trip Advisor accolade is a little too exuberant!!! We much preferred Napier, NZ!!!
This is “Dukling,” a Chinese junk that catered to tourists in Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong. And then Covid forced it to amend the business plan and hope to survive by offering specialty sailings to local residents.” Wonder if we’ll ever get to see it again???
Another depiction of the charming town of Napier, New Zealand. Leveled by an earthquake in 1931, the entire city was reconstructed in the Art Deco style.
The buildings, the cafes, the gardens, the VIBE of Napier are enchanting!!! This is one of our “Best Places to Visit”!!!!
And that’s why this assortment is hung in direct view of the shower!!!
We can think about returning before too long!!!
The shower system is digitally controlled. It’s mandatory. But an unexpected benefit is the ability to order music on demand. Gives whole new meaning to “singing in the shower”!!!
Love the colors in this grouping!!!

This grouping and the next are last because they are the happiest groupings!!! This one contains a notecard of Lori Davis’ work, House Stack-Mount Victoria. Lori is based in Wellington, NZ and we are looking forward to visiting her studio next year.
This grouping starts off with Graham Young’s Caravan Bliss rendered on a notecard. Young is a NZ artist who creates paintings…” that capture the vibrancy of contemporary NZ life.” Love the 3 images of totem art from the Anishinaabe clan of North America (U.S. & Canada)

 Thank you for joining us on this exploration of postal-worthy art!!! 

We never intended to mail these postcards and notecards.  They were purchased solely for display and visual enjoyment.  We hope you, too, enjoyed seeing them.

And we especially hope one or two of them brought a smile to your face!!!

6 thoughts on “Using Postcards for Wall Art”

  1. Looks great. We are in Greenland for a couple of days on the way to Montreal. We might have to start looking for postcards. A visit to Napier might be on the horizon.


    1. Thank you!!! No doubt you are having a wonderful time in Greenland!!! And we wish you more joy in Montreal. Most emphatically, we encourage you to visit Napier some day. Art Deco architecture; vintage autos; numerous shops selling really cool clothing; good food; and toe-tapping music. We expected to be there again in February; but HAL replaced Napier with Gisborne. Don’t know why. So sad.


  2. Nice blog. I too have a few framed postcards around our house. Sometimes it’s the best way to get the picture of things.

    Sent from my iPhone


    1. Thank you!!! You know, after learning that folks “back in the day” would buy postcards to put into albums as souvenirs of their journeys, it seemed a no-brainer to buy the postcards {or just as often notecards) rather than try to capture that “perfect shot”!!! Now those folks who started the trend were saving money because photography was expensive “back in their day”; we, however (because pixels are free!), save the time and effort of finding the perfect spot and waiting for the perfect light!!! Plus, we often discover new and upcoming artists whose full-size work is also available to take home!!! Either way, we have lovely images to adorn our walls!!! Now isn’t that great?!?


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