Welcome Aboard:  Cruising the Caribbean

Sunday, April 10, 2022

Our First Post-Covid Cruise:

After 2 years of fearing Covid, we boarded the Celebrity Millennium and set out upon the Caribbean Sea!!!! Finally!!! We spent 10 days visiting 6 islands. And now, we’re eager to tell you about the joy of getting back to cruising!!!

We boarded the Millennium at Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

The CDC had not yet changed the cruise guidelines, so the capacity of the cruise was limited. The Celebrity Millennium would normally hold 2100 passengers; we sailed with less than 1000 passengers and 800 crew on board. The lack of crowds was amazing!!!

First, we checked out our cabin and admired the view from the balcony.

The Aqua Class cabin was miniscule but well located, mid-ship, on an upper deck.

It didn’t take long to stash our stuff!!!

Departing the pier, we were surprised to notice that our “sea legs” needed to be re-acquired!!! It seems a two-year hiatus from cruising is too long to retain the muscle memory of functioning aboard a moving ship!!! Whew, it only took one sea day to fix that!!!

We said good-bye to covid fears and joined our fellow vaccinated and boosted cruisers on deck to watch Fort Lauderdale slip away.

As always, the sail away is a fun and festive occasion.

It’s always exciting to start a new adventure!!!

As you depart your normal daily routine….

….thoughts of new experiences and new friends take center stage.

Once the Millennium was on her way to the Dominican Republic, we set out to explore the ship…




…and so much more. What a joy to be back on board a cruise liner!!!
So, in the blogs to come, join us as we take you aboard the Millennium and around the Caribbean!!!

We’re on our way to new adventures!!!

Next, we’ll explore the first port-of-call:  Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

3 thoughts on “Welcome Aboard:  Cruising the Caribbean”

  1. Hi Sandy and Roger! It’s great to be traveling again! We’re looking forward to seeing the rest of the blogs- that’s a trip we’d like to take.

    Did you see the photos from dads Hall of Fame events? Just checking- if not, I’ll send them to you. It was wonderful!

    We leave Friday for Paris and our wine and rivers tour of France and can’t wait! 💖💖 Karen and Andy

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