The Super Flower Moon of 2020


Thursday, May 7, 2020


At 6:45 am EDT this morning (Thursday, May 7th), the full moon reached perigee and became the fourth and final supermoon of 2020 (the prior supermoons were in February, March and April.)  The next supermoon will occur on April 26, 2021.  As opposed to the 4 supermoons of 2020; there will be only 2 in 2021.  The final will be on May 26, 2021.

The full moon of May is nicknamed the “Flower” moon because it signifies Spring and plants coming into bloom.

P1180734 (640x337)
The almost full moon is seen rising above the horizon, through the clouds, on the evening of May 6th at 7:25pm EDT.
Full moon rising
Full moon rising
P1180741 (640x276)
The moon does look big and bright already! It won’t reach perigee for another 11 hours.
The Super Flower Moon at perigee, Thursday, May 7, 2020 at 6:45am EDT.
The Super Flower Moon at perigee, Thursday, May 7, 2020 at 6:45am EDT.
What a beautiful sight!
What a beautiful sight!


Although the moon’s orbit is already moving away from Earth, you’ll still be able to see more of this supermoon tonight.  The perspective of size and brightness is most obvious at moonrise when the full moon is still close to the horizon.

Set an alarm; take a look!!!!

2 thoughts on “The Super Flower Moon of 2020”

  1. I have enjoyed all your travel posts and am now finding your at home post a highlight of the day. Interesting, great photos, variable topics. Thanks for your diligence with this blog!

    Be safe, be calm, be kind!


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