Townsville, Queensland, Australia

2019 HAL World Cruise

Saturday, March 9, 2019


In 2016, we arrived in Townsville aboard the MS Amsterdam to dodge a Tropical Cyclone in our path.  We spent the day along the strand taking very few photos but enjoying coffee, and later drinks, as we made our way back to the shuttle stop.  We never really saw any of the town.

This time, a shuttle picked us up at the cruise terminal and took us to a transfer point in town where we could board a local HOHO to complete our exploration of Townsville.  We chose to start with the HOHO and revive our memories by visiting The Strand before returning to the city proper to discover the charms of the inner city.

The photos will tell the story:

The morning was rainy and misty as we docked in Townsville.
The morning was rainy and misty as we docked in Townsville.
2 (640x472)
We exited the Quayside Terminal and boarded a shuttle into town where we transfered to a HOHO for some sightseeing.
3 (640x465)
The first stop was Jezzine Barracks home of the Army Museum of North Queensland.. This is the commander’s home.
4 (640x479)
We left the HOHO at this intriguing piece of sculpture. I wish I could tell you about the artist or the intent of this work, but alas, I don’t know. I loved the piece because it reminds me of Rene Magritte’s work!
5 (640x479)
We started our journey of remembrance on the north end of The Strand. It is really sad to report that we remembered very little of our first visit. So everything seemed new and interesting!
6 (640x458)
Took a photo of Castle Hill from the Strand. This is a dominate feature of Townsville. It is nearly 1,000 feet high
The Strand itself is about 1 1/2 miles long.
The Strand itself is about 1 1/2 miles long.
8 (640x478)
All along The Strand, condo communities have sprung up with the accompanying cafes, restaurants and boutiques.
9 (640x480)
Even the local college occupies prime real estate along The Strand. The students at St. Patrick’s College enjoy a beautiful campus!
10 (640x453)
Recent storms had flooded parts of the city. The flooding was so bad, we were told, that speed limits were posted along the streets to keep the BOATS in check! This little waterfall is a remnant of those storms.
11 (640x463)
We worked our way back into town and discovered a community filled with wonderful old buildings. This is a beauty! I wish I knew what it was designed to be!!!
12 (640x469)
Townsville is a community in transition. Here’s an example of “before” right next door to the “after.”
13 (640x385)
Gigantic artwork display! This is located in the middle of town on the overhead utility wires!
The Old Post office Building, now the Townsville Brewing Company.
The Old Post office Building, now the Townsville Brewing Company.
15 (640x405)
The Townsville Brewery serves a mean hamburger! It’s really impossible to eat without a knife and fork! But definitely yummy!
And the nachos are pretty good, too!
And the nachos are pretty good, too!
The afernoon libation is "Townsville Coast Pale Ale".
The afternoon libation is “Townsville Coast Pale Ale”.
18 (640x479)
And soon the time comes to leave Townsville. The MS Amsterdam waits to whisk us off to our next port.



And now we are on he way to Cairns.

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