Panama Canal, Panama



2018 HAL World Cruise


It doesn’t matter if a canal transit is your first or your 21st, it is always an impressive journey.  It is, however, all about the locks!  Entering a lock, watching the gates close, and then either rising of lowering, all reminds you that this was and remains a tremendous engineering accomplishment!


It takes a full day to make the crossing.  The first time, as you’re having breakfast, you wonder what you’ll do with yourself all day long!  And then you get caught up in trying to see it all.  Before you know it, you’re out the other side and having dinner.  It is ALWAYS a wonderful experience!

P1000668 (800x450)
The Houston Bridge. Largest container ship, ever! Carries 11,000 containers. A ship of this size can now transit the Panama Canal through the new canals: Cocoli & Agua Clara, both of which can accomodate huge ships thus saving fuel, time and costs!

Centenial Bridge

Centennial Bridge

Entering the Pedro-Miguel Locks
Entering the Pedro-Miguel Locks

In the Mraflores Lock

In the Miraflores LocksTourists watching tourists transit the Miraflores Locks

Tourists watching tourists!

The pilot boat picking up the canal pilot.

The canal pilot disembarking.

Crossing under Bridge of the Americas.

Bridge of the Americas

Panama BioMuseum.  Building by Frank Gehry.

The Panama Biomuseum.  Building by Frank Ghery


Ships have lifeboats.  Do SUVs have lifecars?

If ships have lifeboats; do SUVs have lifecars?

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