Palma de Mallorca, Spain


Mediterranean Sea


The first thing you see when sailing into Palma de Mallorca is the 14th century Castillo de Bellver.  Built upon the ruins of a muslim site, it now houses an archeological museum.  Next, the Catedral de Mallorca, La Seu, comes into view.  This was built atop a mosque and is a spectacular site dominating the coastline!  We cabbed it to a spot above the cathedral where we could have coffee in a lovely al fresco café with a bit of a view of the cathedral.  Later, after watching a protest march go by, we continued our exploration.  We walked over to La Rambla de Palma with its horse-drawn carriages and then to Passeig des Born.  Both are pleasant areas filled with charming cafes and boutiques.  We decided to have lunch in the Plaza Mayor where we could enjoy the festive market.  As we then headed back to the ship, we passed some interesting art work that grabbed our attention!  Soon, crossing the Sa Riera, we noticed the La Palma windmills, quite similar to those in Mykonos, and realized it truly is a small world!

Castillo de Bellver as seen from the ship
Castillo Bellver
Castillo de Bellver
Castillo Bellver
La Seu Cathedral
Catedral de Mallorca (La Seu)
Swans, kept by tradition, in the convent garden next to the cathedral.
The white swans of the convent at La Seu.
Steeples of the Cathedral peeking over rooftops!
Cathedral spires peeking over the rooftops.
Looking towards La Seu from the cafe.
Looking towards the cathedral
Coffee and Internet.  Life is good!
Coffee and WIFI.  Life is good!
La Rambla in La Palma
La Rambla de Palma
A horse & carriage coming up the La Rambla.
Horse-drawn carriages along the Rambla
Passeig Des Born
Passeig des Born
Plaza Mayor
Plaza Mayor market
The title of this artwork is "Device to Root Out Evil."
This artwork is titled “Device To Root Out Evil”
The Sa Riera flowing to the sea.
Sa Riera flowing to the sea.
The windmills of La Palma.
The windmills of La Palma de Mallorca



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